Colton Hills HeadStart mini Ambassadors and HeadStarters provide support and guidance to new Year 7

The transition from primary to secondary school is a big deal for any young person. Year 6 pupils are the oldest and ‘wisest’ in their primary school. They might have been together with classmates since Reception, growing up together, making friends, falling out, and making friends again. Each day, they’ve spent most of their time in a single classroom, with known and familiar routines. They know and understand how primary school works.

Then, on the flip side of a long six week holiday, all that changes ...
— from 'Smoothing the transition. 17 ideas for parents and carers supporting young people', a blog post from HeadStart Wolverhampton for #MovingOnUp

Our Year 8 HeadStart mini Ambassadors and HeadStarters at Colton Hills knew the challenges of moving up to secondary school; they had experienced the transition just a year before!

They wanted to put a programme in place to support the new Year 7 students, and worked with the HeadStart Young Person Engagement and Schools teams to co-produce and deliver a programme of support activities and discussion.


Listen to Esha, one of the HeadStart Ambassadors describing the work of mini Ambassaors and what they’re trying to achieve in the transition programme:

Following a day of workshops and training last Thursday, 6th February, the young people led a series of workshops for the new Year 7s on Friday, introducing them to key HeadStart ideas, and working with them on discussions based on ‘The Needs Mat’ and ‘The Feelings Ball’, and team-building activities like the Lilly Pads.

Chris, one of the Activity Facilitators for Black Country YMCA, introduced the new Year 7s to the HeadStart community programme for All Saints, Blakenhall, Parkfields and Ettingshall, and encouraged the students to get involved and to share ideas and feedback to drive the development of new activities in the area.

The sessions were a great success as part of Colton Hills’ wider programme to support transition, and a wonderful example of co-production in action.

Hansa, HeadStart Young Person Engagement Coordinator, introduces the programme:


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