Low Hill Mini Ambassadors ‘Bake New Ground’ in support of Stand Up to Cancer


HeadStart Mini Ambassadors in Low Hill took on the second community challenge of their development programme when they baked delicious and attractive cakes to raise funds for Stand Up For Cancer.

The Mini Ambassadors programme supports young people in developing their understanding of issues of mental health and emotional well-being, and encourages them to support their peers in schools and the wider community. As part of the programme, they develop their organisational skills, and work together to support the development of local services.

Ten of the mini ambassadors took part in baking and carefully decorating cakes during one of their regular after-school meetings at The Big Venture Centre, with some of their older 16-25 year-old ambassador counterparts being on hand to support and encourage their younger peers and to add some creative flair!

At lunch time on Friday 16th March, ambassadors and members of the B-Safe team worked to encourage other students and teachers to make donations to Stand Up For Cancer in exchange for some of the baked delights on offer.

In total, the Mini Ambassadors raised over £70 for charity.