Time to Talk Day 2018

Today, 1st February, is Time to Talk Day 2018. Wherever you are, you can talk about mental health. Time To Talk Day is a campaign day from the wonderful Time To Change, and has a single idea; to encourage all of us, young and old, to talk about our mental health at school, at home, or in the workplace.

To mark the day, we've created and compiled some media below. Some of this is new content, some of it other recent content from the HeadStart archive. All of it is content that showcases the power of talking about emotional well-being and mental health for young people.

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Time To Talk Day 2018 video from HeadStart Wolverhampton

Young people involved in the #GettingAhead project with HeadStart / Wolverhampton Learning Technologies, and members of the B-Safe Junior Safeguarding Board, share their thoughts for Time to Talk Day 2018 on 1st Feb. Topics include: "Who do I talk to when I need support?", and more.

Time to Talk Day - A Blog post from Crissie, HeadStart Ambassador

Time to Talk Day: What some of our HeadStart Ambassadors said:

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced today?

I find this question is a bit difficult to answer and for someone who suffers with anxiety my challenges day to day may not seem important to others. It’s a very personal question for me I have a lot of family concerns surrounding em at the moment caring for my nan and supporting my mom as she is now doubting herself, its difficult at times to cope with the pressure of everyday life on top of supporting all the extra concerns and issues that are going on at home.

Who do you talk to when things arnt going well?

This question is very deep and will be different for everyone as people find comfort in talking to often someone they would least expect when you have things on your mind. But for me personally I find talking to the Educational psychologist at school really helps if I want a professional advice or often I will talk to my nan if I want that escape from home but a good loving soundboard. I think its really important to have people based in and around school all the time, I think it really helps young people of today understand its ok to talk and know there are always people there to listen.

What’s the most difficult thing about being a young person?

I have found the most difficult thing about being a young person is that transition period from school into work life, Its completely new and your either expected to adapt straight away with no prior experience or your treated and referred to as being the baby of the workplace because your young. It really frustrates me that I get labelled because of my age in the workplace, its assumed that as I have no work experience I am less capable than others but in actual fact im just as capable if I was given the chance to excel.

What's the best thing about being you?

The best thing about being me is having the confidence and having the opportunities to do something that I really feel passionate about, and that’s helping people I take a lot of personal satisfaction and overall reward when I know I have helped others. It could be a listening ear or an extra pair of hands but either way helping others makes me feel good.

What would be your dream future?

My dream future would be working with young people in a teaching career, however education is made so difficult to get into now financially and from grade requirements and experience its no surprise that many young people of today don’t end up pursuing their dreams when there’s so many blockages in there way, its hard enough to succeed without the extra pressure put on you to achieve such high out of scope expectations.

Mental Health: a vlog by Aman

As part of the summer activities commissioned by HeadStart to Positive Participation Ltd, they ran a competition for young people to produce a video on mental health. Aman was involved in the activities organised by Positive Participation Ltd including undertaking work experience and helping out with the launch of the HeadStart Base at the Bob Jones Community Hub.

Have you visited yet? The HeadStart Wolverhampton Support and Guidance Site. Let us help you to find the help you need

Young carers: in their own words

Some young people have real challenges to face at home and school; one group for whom this is particularly the case is young people with caring responsibilities at home. Here's the video we make for Young Carers Awareness Day last week, in which four young carers talk openly and honestly about the challenges they face:

To mark Young Carers Awareness Day 2018, we speak to four young people from the Wolverhampton area about their experiences of being a young carer: how it makes them feel, how it affects them at school, and how Spurgeons UK support them. Their resilience and thoughtfulness are truly inspiring.

HeadStart Podcasts: It's Time To Talk

At HeadStart, we love to give young people the opportunity to share their thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Here are a few recent podcasts in which young people, including Time to Change young champions, and young people from Wolverhampton schools and PRUs, share their feelings about supporting. We hope you enjoy listening to them!