All Saints, Blakenhall, Parkfields and Ettingshall Newshounds Update 5 - What's cooking at ASAN?

ASAN food 6.jpg

We went to find out at what was cooking over at ASAN last week. They got stuck in with baking potatoes, grating cheese and limes, cutting vegetables and tiding up as they went along. Enthusiasm and lots of elbow working went into to creating the lunch for themselves and the local gardeners at All Saints Road. 

β€œFood brings people together – just don’t eat too much!”

Two of the girls had met in previous sessions and bonded over common interests such as dance and the love of baking. Athalia said:

They went on to say they have made all sorts of dishes including crab, rice and chicken. It makes us hungry just thinking about it so here are snaps of what we saw