Volunteering Initiatives by Baylee - Heath Town, Park Village, Eastfield, Springfield and Old Heath Newshounds

What are volunteering initiatives?

Volunteering Initiatives are different things you can do to volunteer. There are a ton of things you can do to volunteer and help others, some of which I’ll be talking about in this article.

Why do people get involved?


People volunteer for various reasons. One of those reasons being the fact that it’s time consuming. Especially in the holidays, young people have a lot of spare time. What better way to spend it than doing something that you enjoy doing, and benefit other people at the same time?! How do young people benefit from volunteering? Volunteering has many benefits. For young people, it’s great work experience. Most people volunteer for something that they enjoy doing. That way it doesn’t matter that they don’t get paid, because they’re enjoying themselves and it’s not about the money. Volunteering also widens your horizons and gives you a taste of what it would be like to be in that profession fell time. I used to volunteer at the stables, because I really loved horses. However, I didn’t just go there and say “Hi can I volunteer to look after your horses?” I had to be going there for some time first, so they knew me and knew that I knew what I was doing. I benefited from it because I was doing what I loved, and if later on, I went somewhere to apply for a job as a stable hand, I’d have all these years of experience.

How can I volunteer?

You can volunteer by going to the actual place that you’d like to volunteer at and offer your services. Some places also have signs and posters asking for volunteers. Unfortunately, you can’t really apply online for volunteering, you’ll more than likely have to turn up in person. Where can I go to volunteer, and what can I volunteer to do? Where you volunteer really depends on what your interests are, and where you would like to volunteer. When it comes to volunteering, it’s really important that you’re doing something that you enjoy, and something you want to do, because that’s the only thing driving you to do your best. If you were getting paid, you could say “I’d better do a good job or else I won’t get paid.” With Volunteering, you have to want to do a good job. Some teens volunteer to sit with the elderly. Older people enjoy the company, and it’s nice for young people to spend time with their elders.

You can also volunteer to help with children. Places like nurseries would be more than happy for the help. You could also volunteer to be a dog walker. If you really like dogs, this would be a really enjoyable responsibility for you. Christmas is also a great time to volunteer, a time to think about others who may be less fortunate than you are. Darlington street church on Darlington Street Wolverhampton opens every Christmas day to feed the homeless. I know my parents and many others who have volunteered to go there on Christmas day, and help hand out food and spend time with people who may not have anywhere to go on Christmas.

Why is it sometimes hard for me to volunteer?

Some jobs or professions, are so sought after, that there just aren’t any openings, even for volunteers. Some people are money-driven, and that can make it really hard for them to volunteer. You could also end up working as a volunteer, next to someone who’s getting paid, and thinking “why should I do for free something that they’re getting paid for?” The young people also have to be responsible and trust worthy, which is why some people are wary when hiring volunteers. It’s been known that some people have volunteered to sit with elderly, took advantage of their vulnerability and stolen from them. It can also be hard for a young person to find somewhere to volunteer at.

How can the Aladdin's Community Centre help?

The community centre could help the young people find volunteering jobs, and make sure that they’re safe. They could also set up a weekly club, where young people could get together and volunteer to do things that will help the community. You could also get in touch with council, who are bound to have a list of things that young people could volunteer to do.

Volunteering is a great, fun thing to do. As long as it’s kept safe, it can prove beneficial to a lot of people. It’s a great thing to do to get young people out of the house, and to give them a feel of what it’s like working in the real world.