The Operational Guide for Organisations Working with Professionals

This operational guide is for organisations working with professionals. The guide will inform you about the programme and the required elements for evaluation and monitoring.

The guide also contains an overview of the programme elements and a description of all the different interventions that HeadStart will be delivering 

Please note: None of the information is sensitive and all resources can be downloaded for your use during delivery.

Please read and refer to the Operational Guide before accessing the useful resources – it is essential all documents and surveys are completed accurately.

Contents of the guide

  1. About this guide
  2. HeadStart initiatives
  3. Evaluations
  4. HeadStart programme requirements
    1. Session-attendance registers
  5. Quality Assurance Evaluations
  6. Self-evaluations
  7. More HeadStart information
  8. HeadStart: Key contacts
  9. List of appendices

Checklist of Requirements

Use this document below to ensure that you have completed and returned all documentation required as part of HeadStart funding.