Paul McGee

Keynote title: 'Resilience in the Classroom Begins with Resilience in the Staffroom'

Paul's opening keynote was a mix of humour, showmanship and insight, sharing his approach to building resilience in an accessible, highly engaging manner.

Key points from Paul's keynote

  • Resilience in the classroom starts in the staffroom.  You cannot pour from an empty cup and mixing my metaphors slightly, we need to put our own oxygen mask on first before helping others. Therefore self-compassion and self-care are crucial to put us in the best place to help others.
  • Get perspective. Our fast, automatic, instinctive brains often react to situations (I’ll represent this by showing a red baseball cap) however we need to engage our slow, rational brain (represented by a blue baseball cap) to help us deal with life’s challenges.
  • Hippo time is OK. It’s OK to have a wallow. It’s OK to not always feel OK, but it’s temporary
  • Mates matter. I’ll be telling the story of how my SUMO book was rejected by a number of publishers, but how a mate of mine encouraged me to continue to push more doors. Seeking support is never a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of wisdom.

Paul McGee's keynote - video

About Paul McGee

Twitter: @TheSumoGuy

Paul McGee is one of the UK’s leading speakers on the subject of change, workplace relationships and motivation. His provocatively titled book SUMO (Shut Up, Move On) - Amazon Link - became an instant best seller and his book on Self Confidence (Amazon Link) reached number one in the WHSmith’s business book chart and remained there for a further 24 weeks. He has appeared on BBC Breakfast television and is a regular contributor on BBC Radio.

Building on his background in psychology, Paul’s aim is to deliver a practical, relevant message that can make an immediate impact on people’s professional and personal lives. His approach is considered both inspirational and humorous as he seeks to deliver a memorable experience that equips people with insights and ideas to increase their personal effectiveness and impact.

He’s spoken to over 1,000 organisations in 41 countries to date, and from Todmorden to Tehran and from Bradford to Brisbane, Paul’s messages have resonated with a global audience.

He has had the privilege of working with one of the world’s top management gurus, the late Dr. Stephen Covey, and his work has been endorsed by the Elite Performance Director of the British Olympic Association Sir Clive Woodward and the broadcaster Chris Evans. His clients include prominent blue chip organisations, public sector bodies and a leading Premiership football club.

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Paul McGee in conversation with André Tomlin (aka The Mental Elf)

In conversation with Paul McGee (July 2016)