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Hi everyone

As you know, a new online portal for HeadStart resources and support is being developed ready for September.

In addition to working with a web development agency, we are also working with a set of 6 university students who will be committing over 100 hours each to finding, reviewing and tagging resources to populate the site.

Please support this process by sharing links with me that should be populating the site. These can be links to whole organisations, but we particularly need links to specific resources (i.e. don't send a link to www.youngminds.org.uk, send a link to www.youngminds.org.uk/a_fantastic_resource_that_everyone_should_see).

You can either share links using the form below, or compile together a set of weblinks into a Word document and share those via email with me at RAnderson@cloudw.co.uk

I will then make these links available to the university students to review.

This process is really important. HeadStartOnline is key component of our Citywide offer, and must provide access to the best resources and information that we know about.

Many thanks for your support,



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