HeadStart (Internal) Information Sharing

Hi everyone!

Please use the form below to share information about projects or sessions you've been involved in, forthcoming events, awareness campaigns, or other news about HeadStart, including progress reports. The information will be forwarded to me, and the Media and Comms team can then use it for news posts, sharing on social media and other promotional purposes. Please endeavour to give as much as much notice as possible for forthcoming events, particularly if you'd like someone from the media and comms team to attend.

Filling in this form doesn't guarantee that we'll use the information, but we'll do our best!



HeadStart Information Sharing Form

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Include as much relevant information as you can. Include dates for previous or future events. If sharing news, try to write in 'journalistic' style as far as possible, including context on how the information fits into HeadStart as a whole / target audience / next steps. Thank you. Please note that the text box is 'stretchy' from the the bottom right hand corner.


If you have associated images, graphics, flyers etc. that you wish to share relating to the information (for reports on events etc. this is particularly helpful / important), then please email them separately to RAnderson@cloudw.co.uk.