Useful Resources - Work with Parents/Carers and Families

Please read and refer to the correct Operational Guide before accessing the useful resources – it is essential all documents and surveys are completed accurately.

The following downloads and links are part of the Operational Guide for Working with Parents/Carers and Families. They are for contracted providers to use as part of the evaluation requirements. You can download and use them as part of your intervention/activity delivery.

Programme Overviews

HeadStart Phase 3 Overview

Intervention and activity programmes


  • What is it? Template for Intervention Description and Replication – this will tell us what your activity is meant to do, how, where, when and how often.
  • When do you do it? From now, up until the start of your activity.
  • How do you do it? Online survey at


Value for money evaluation 

  • What is it? Full costs for design and delivery of your intervention/activity including staffing and non-staffing.
  • When do you do it? Return to HeadStart by the end of your intervention/activity.
  • How do you do it? Excel spreadsheet (provided).

Session attendance registers

  • What is it? A record of all the parents/carers/family members that have taken part in each session of your interventions.
  • When do you do it? At the start of every session – complete all elements of the register.
  • How do you do it? Paper copies are available, electronic copies are available in word and excel. All registers need to be kept safe and secure in line with data protection.

*There must be one register for each individual group of adults and each individual intervention / activity. If the activity is made up of several sessions with the same group, you should use one register and record their attendance at each session.

Data collection procedure

For all documents that include sensitive information about young people, please follow this Data Collection Procedural statement.


Quality assurance evaluation

  • What is it? – end evaluation that all participants are expected to complete.
  • When you do it? - end of activity, to review behaviour changes as a result of the intervention and the quality of the intervention
  • How do you do it? - this is an online survey, paper copies are also available.

* You must ensure that all participants know the name of the intervention they are taking part in so what we can identify what they have done, where and when.

The framework is available in two versions (see below). Providers should choose the version relevant for their own intervention/activity:

  • The Short Quality Assurance Evaluation Framework: Questions A - B: Use this version if your intervention/activity runs for one full day or less
  • The Full Quality Assurance Evaluation Framework: Questions A - E: Use this version if your intervention/activity runs over more than one full day.
qa framework.png

Providers also have the opportunity to submit any additional evidence to support your performance against the programme outcomes.

Downloadable survey copies:

These will need to be completed, and entered into the online survey by providers:

Please then return paper copies to the HeadStart office for cross-referencing.